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47 managed Shopping Malls

More than 1.300 Shops

Over 650.000 sqm of GLA

Over 32 million € of service charge


Odos Group offers consulting services for management, assistance and promotion of Shopping Malls,Retail Parks, Factory Outlets, Recreation Malls.

Odos Group offers services and develops synergies across all the national territory, thanks to its offices located in Novara HQ, Vicenza and Catania.

Odos Group is formed by 3 specialist companies:Odos Services, Odos (for management by mandate without representation) and Atrium (dedicated to the condominium administration), to receive a 360 degree management of even the most complex managerial situations.

Expertise, innovation and frankness are the tools Odos Group uses to give new life to shopping malls.


Deals with management and accounting for shopping malls:

  • budget management;
  • rental management;
  • marketing and remarketing;
  • short presentations.

Odos is specialized in management of shopping malls:

  • management;
  • organizational and technical services;
  • promotion and marketing;
  • security related requirements.

Atrium s.r.l is specialized in the administration of commercial condominiums:

  • administration of common expenses directly and/or through third parties;
  • coordination of relations between management and Property.


Via Baluardo Lamarmora, 15 – 28100 Novara (NO)
Tel +39  0321 612 966 – Fax +39 0321 1851060