Lease Management

We make the lease management financially reliable

Odos Group proposes to its customers the complete management of the lease, sublease and rental business agreements:

• the checking/Examination of the appropriate release presented by Tenants of the provided deposits in the report of the lease, sublease and rental of business agreements.
• the checking/Examination of the correct contractual stipulation by Operators of insurances policies, as expected in the report lease, sublease and rent in the business agreements.
• the invoicing of the lease, Istat adjournments and tax registration, TASI, as required by the contract.
• sending fee invoices to the Tenants
• payment tracking
• management of debt collection phases (until the injunction, foreclosures or assistance to the directly appointed Professionals by the Customer is authorized)
• internal legal service
• digitized storage, on a reserved web portal,of all documentation
• general reporting in accordance with models and shared frequency of Customers (in both Italian and English)

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