For 25 years, specialist in the management of non-residential condominiums.

To know each other

We operate for more than 25 years in support of Real Estate, both individual than corporate than institutional.
Within Odos Group, in which operate companies with a high specialization in management of complex, condominium or not, at destination mainly commercial and business, Atrium assumes the role of Administrator of Condominiums and Supercondomini and leads all the processes that result from it.
We organize and manage all the activities necessary for an orderly and transparent administration of the condominiums entrusted to us.
Our modularity allows, with maximum freedom, to collaborate where requested by the customer, with other specialized realities in the supply chain.
We are active and present throughout the national territory.

Our Services

We carry out the activities conducted by the condominium administration by law in compliance with the following “guidelines”:



A site where the entire documentation is constantly uploaded will be available to RESIDENTS ONLY



We entrust condominium services to the best-specialized suppliers on the market, choosing them through competitive comparisons



We use a pressing procedure, subject to the approval of the first available shareholders’ meeting, for the recovery of the credit



We have the legal and administrative skills needed in the corporate sphere for qualified responses to the problems.


We perform a previous due diligence of the process.


We usually carry them out remotely; if required, they will be held in-person or in blended form.


All documentation is made available in digital form.


We are conveniently insured.

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