Technical Management

We carry out Technical Management to a high level

The technical management has been for years the flagship of Odos Group, capable of to develop important levers of efficientamento and to free precious resources economic. Energy Management, Prevention, Technology Management complete property.

These are just some of the services it offers:

Building management

• preparation of maintenance specifications in accordance with the law.
• execution of competitive comparisons through the Odos Group’s online web portal.
• supervision of contractually planned maintenance activities.
• multiyear plans for the predisposition of special measures.
• Capex and Restyling Management.

Energy management and photovoltaic systems management Safety and Security

• analysis of absorption and harmonization of the operation of
plants in relation to needs
• conduct of the process of signing user contracts, according to
market logic and based on the historical consumption by time slots
• study of solutions for reducing consumption (and emissions), such as
the introduction of artificial intelligence systems
• assistance with the design, construction and management of photovoltaic systems

Safety and Security

• RSPP service
• drafting of the DVRI (Interfering Risk Assessment Document), PGE (Plan
Management of Emergencies)
• execution of the annual fire drill according to D.L. 81/08; D.M. 10 March 1998; D.M. 6 June 2005


• assistance to the Property in the process of setting up a new
Operator in a real estate unit, through project verification, the
monitoring of the respect of appointments in the areas of security, monitoring the progress of the construction site and the coherence of the works with respect to the project
• organic collection of certifications and tests, to be included in a
Data room for use by the Property

Two diligence and digital data room online

• drafting of Due Diligence Immobiliare with the maximum extension and
completeness of investigation (verification of authorization areas, cadastral,
safety/fire safety, safety, environmental) and analysis/estimation of
Capital Expenditure
• preparation and maintenance of digital data rooms, useful for the enhancement the asset and the conduct of the processes related to it

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