Operative Management

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Organization and control operation of the Shopping Arcade:
• quality control common parts
• care of relations with Operators, Public Bodies, Insurance Companies
• preparation of budget/final balance of ordinary common services and related expenses allocation
• preparation of service specifications (cleaning, doorman, security)
• execution of competitive comparisons through the Odos Group web portal • control of contractually planned service activities
• availability service h24 7/7 to our Freephone number

• marketing plan design (communication, animation, decoration)
• preparation of BDG preventive marketing and related expenses allocation • execution of competitive comparisons between agencies • analysis of proposals
• control of on-site marketing activities
• analysis of results

Temporary space management (precarious):
• search for temporary exhibitors to be placed in the common parts, inside and outside
• formalization of reservations
• contract and collection assistance
• assistance with the execution of the exhibition

Administration budget common charges:
• full accounting and tax management of the active and passive cycle
• assistance to Boards and Shareholders’ Meetings
• accounting and tax assistance to Scarl and management consortia
• support to the Professional for the filing of financial statements
• monitoring of payments
• management of the bonaria phase for the recovery of the credit (return plans, agreements)
• management of the phase of forced recovery of credit (warning, injunctive decree, foreclosure or assistance to professionals directly appointed by the customer)
• Internal Legal Service

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