The solution for management through unrepresented mandate.

To know each other

We operate for more than 25 years in support of Real Estate, both individual than corporate than institutional.
Within Odos Group, in which operate companies with a high specialization in management of complex, condominium or not, at destination mainly commercial and executive, Odos assumes the role of Representative without representation, becoming the client itself the purchase of goods and services requested by the final customer and useful to ordinary and extraordinary property management.

We organize all the activities necessary to obtain the best performances of the buildings entrusted: technical, ordinary and extraordinary, dealings with third parties, tenants, PA, active cycle management and liability of leases.

Competence, innovation and transparency are our “tools of the trade”.
Our modularity allows, with maximum freedom, to collaborate where requested by the customer, with other specialized realities in the supply chain.
We can carry out, without charge, comparative analysis of the different modes managerial proposals on reality proposed by the customer himself.
We are active and present throughout the national territory.

Our Services

Specifically of condominium complexes, other than housing, we operate through a mandate without representation which allows, through the assumption of the role of Client, to better protect the Condominiums for as regards:

  • responsibility for safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments) and contracts for social security and insurance obligations (DD Lgvi 69/2013 and 76/2013),
  • greater protection of the Client from third parties’ actions;
  • better negotiating power thanks to evident economies of scale;
  • operations in the VAT field.

Our Guidelines



  • Communicate events concerning relations with suppliers organically and systematically to the administrator.


  • Report to be sent to the administrator when drafting the preliminary and final balance sheet. It will concern relevant circumstances in the relationship with suppliers and collection of information by the condominium administrator of any inefficiencies. The reports will be used to implement corrective actions towards suppliers, checking their contractual obligations.



  • Allow residents to “see inside” the ordinary activities carried out.


  • In a section of the site reserved for the condominium, all the valuable documentation for an evaluation of contractual relationships regarding common services (contracts, calls for tenders, results of tenders, letters and communications to third parties) will be included.
  • Any risk of exceeding the overall spending budget, i.e. for the totals of ordinary, promotional and extraordinary expenses, will be communicated to the administrator.



  • Carry out spending commitments in line with the budget approved by the condominium meeting. Adhere to the principle of the “most economically advantageous” offer.


  • Adoption of the competitive comparison announcement tool to express interest for the first allocation of works or contracts exceeding € 40.000 plus VAT per year.
  • Request for at least three offers from different suppliers for works or tenders below the threshold value mentioned above and, in any case, higher than € 5.000,00 plus VAT, unless justified security reasons require otherwise.
  • Allocation of contracts to the most economically advantageous offer, unless there are justified reasons (to be communicated).
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