Service Level Agreement
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Service Level Agreement


Financial/administrative activities

Timing activity:rigid or flexible?

Definately rigid in the case of deadlines regarding administrative regulations of fiscal and technical nature. Flexible, if the Customer requests accountance as well as periodical meetings tailored to his own needs.

Always connected?

Our digital catalogue and report are available online h24 7/7

What Management Information System do we use?

Odos Group has a really advanced proprietary management software. It is based on work-flow purposely designed for a specific market and organized in specific Business Process Management, which guarantees the maximum quality in terms of scheduled and digitally tracked operations.

Management/technical activities

How do we communicate with you in case of technical and real estate problems occurring outside office hours or during holidays?

We guarantee continuous availability through our toll-free number giving the Customer the opportunity to communicate directly with managerial and / or technical personnel without secretarial services and,above all,without wasting time.
Our Toll-free number is always available, to give rapid response to mall centres with the maximum extension of time.

Document preservation

How do we preserve your documents? How can you log in?

We have digitalization embedded in our DNA: our information platform is always available, it includes all digitized documentation, and contains all the certified replacement storage of tax documentation.
Our Technological infrastructure is shielded by a data protection plan from the company’s Disaster Recovery Plan.


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