Operative management
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Administration, Operative management, Marketing and Speciality Leasing

We guarantee the operational management of the common parts of the Mall Center.

Gallery organization and verification operation:
• accuracy in the relationship with Operators.
• preliminary of the estimated budget for ordinary common services and relative expense allocations.
• service specification preparation (tidiness, caretaking, security).
• competitive comparisons execution through the Odos Group web portal.
• control of service activities as provided in the contract.
• preliminary for budget preparation and ordinary common services balance and respective allocation cost .
• availability of the service h24 7/7 via our toll-free number.
• accuracy in relationship with Public authorities also through the Insurance Companies.

• marketing plan organization (communication, animation, decoration).
• preparation of marketing estimated budget and allocated expenses.
• enforcement of competitive comparison between agencies.
• proposals Analysis.
• site marketing activities control.
• results analysis.

Temporary spaces management (unstable):
• search of temporary exhibitors to be placed in common parts, both internal and external.
• formalization of reservations.
• assistance for contracts and collections.
• assistance in the carrying out of the exhibition.

Budget administration of common security:
• CDA assistance and Conferences.
• accounting and tax assistance to Scarl and the consortium management.
• active and passive cycle management accounting and tax.
• support for Professionals in the filing of financial statements.
• payment tracking.
• management of the amicable debt recovery phase(repayments plans, agreements).
• management of the forced debt recovery phase (formal notice, writs, foreclosures or assistance to Professionals directly appointed by the Customer).
• internal legal service.


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