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The fastest way to sustainable management and energy efficiency in shopping centers.
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Sustainability and Energy Innovation for Shopping Centers

Odos Blue is the new vertical division focusing on environmental sustainability and efficient
energy management
for shopping centers.

Born from the established experience of Odos Group, this service offers innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve the environmental impact of structures.

Sustainability will become increasingly essential for the commercial sector, to comply with new regulations and for a conscientious resource management.

Odos Blue is the ideal, reliable partner, ready to guide clients through the change.

Energy Efficiency Services

Odos Blue supports Shopping Centers in reducing energy consumption, offering practical and effective solutions to minimize environmental impact.

  • Advanced Technologies

    Utilizing advanced software such as ELYX: the cloud platform that monitors, accounts for, and optimizes shopping center energy consumption.

  • Green Renovations

    Odos’ extensive experience in the sector ensures the implementation of sustainable solutions such as geothermal and photovoltaic systems.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Odos Blue is already prepared to implement the EU Green Building Directive and complies with regulatory requirements, adhering to European standards for energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

Benefits of Odos Blue: The Color of the Future

Cost Reduction

Odos Blue aims for tangible improvement in the energy performance of shopping centers. This significantly reflects energy costs, reducing them through advanced technologies and consumption optimization.

Compliance with Environmental Protection Regulations

The goal of the service is to reduce the ecological footprint of shopping centers. This is not only an ethical goal but also a legislative requirement that is becoming increasingly prioritized. With a dedicated and experienced team, we ensure compliance with current regulations.

Full Support

Odos Blue offers a comprehensive, integrated, reliable, and personalized service based on the current situation and specific needs. From the preliminary analysis to the implementation and management of the project, we accompany you in every phase of the journey towards sustainability.

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