Lo specialty leasing di Odos Servizi è un…Assist per il mercato dell’immobiliare retail

Innovative Solutions for Specialty Leasing

Boasting 25 years of experience and a team of more than 60 employees, we specialize in the sale, marketing and management of shopping centers, business parks, factory outlets and leisure centers.


The experience of Odos Group has created Assist.

This innovative specialty leasing formula has been designed to respond to the current market environment and generate new business opportunities for all key roles in the industry.


We organize and manage all the activities necessary for efficient and strategic management to bring vacant units, common areas, and advertising space back into play.


With the greatest freedom, our modularity allows us to collaborate with other specialists in the supply chain.

We are operating and present throughout the country.

Services of Specialty Leasing

Our strategies are flexible and modular.

These are the four main areas of operation in commercial facilities:

  • Temporary shops in vacant units
  • Pop-up stores
  • Advertising (elevators, moving ramps, totems, entrances, walls…)

Digital advertising (totems, screens, ledwalls…)

Advantages of Assist: we create, you implement.


Assist relies on a dedicated Odos Group team with substantial experience in specialty leasing management to offer a tailored approach to each project.


Assist is able to support more than just properties and agencies/brands, but also shopping center managers. It also operates with platforms designed specifically to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of process and management.


Assist already boasts a significant track record, managing today a portfolio of positions and a database of prominent agencies/brands, through which it has achieved excellent revenue progression confirming the value of the service it offers.

+ 750 Positions
+ 3,000 Agencies/Brands

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